The Sun is Shining

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February 6, 2012
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February 21, 2012

The Sun is Shining

14 March 2012

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Good Morning all…

The Past 2 weeks;

The Rain came, and came hard with cyclone Eleonore. The River in front of the lodge has been flowing far more than usual, which has brought awesome birding all around and the lovely sound of flowing water. The clouds moved on and the sun is shining and the weather is sweeter. A couple of highlights of our great sights; one morning we spent half an hour tracking an Elephant Bull and eventually found him in a drainage line munching away on the fruits of a Marula Tree he pushed over. There have been calves running around all over the show in the buffalo breeding herds, plus a large bull was thrashing a guarri bush next to the road displaying dominance, he decided the bush would look rather interesting on his head and he continued to carry it for the morning. A black-backed jackal was seen scrounging around on the plains feeding on grasshoppers and other ground insects. A coalitions of 3 male lions were seen a meter off the road, looking very healthy and growing massive in size, proceeded to stalk and eventually caught a warthog for dinner one evening. A huge male leopard was spotted along the river bed, moving along very relaxed, scent marking his territory then veered off into the thicket. It has been a wonderful 2 weeks.