The Twin Genets

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February 8, 2017
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The Twin Genets

Posted by: Storm Catterick

Our afternoon game drive started with a hunt for cheetah. Earlier on in the day I had picked up tracks of a male Cheetah moving along the fence line, no doubt doing a routine territory patrol. I decided that for our afternoon game drive we should head into this area and try picking up on the big male cheetah.

We drove to the area where I saw the tracks, unfortunately they had been driven over, so we started combing the area to see if we could pick up more tracks and get a starting point. But unfortunately I could not find any more tracks and I had absolutely no idea where he had gone too. We continued on our way enjoying the amazing scenery that Zululand has on offer as well as watching some beautiful birds, stopping for sundowners on top of one of the hills with a vista only Zululand can deliver.

On our drive home we went over Number 4 lookout, with its splendid view of the Ubombo Mountains in the distance and the coastal flats of Zululand before it. We stopped to pause and enjoy the splendor of the evening. Having a look at the stars starting to appear as we were listening to the sounds of the night fast approaching.

Moving down off Number 4 hill, as we came around a bend in the road right there in the middle of the road was a female Genet and her two little kits. The two little kits were very relaxed and continued to play in the road in front of us until mom ran off. They spooked a little and ran off the road into a tree where they continued to play around for a few minutes. Almost like they were playing a game of tag just for us. What a magical sight, it is not very often one sees Genet never mind two youngsters and their mom so nice in the open. The kind of sighting that just reminds you just how special the bush is and how lucky we are to experience this daily.