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Best Potato & Leek Soup
February 19, 2018
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February 19, 2018

Unknown Recipe (31)

To make:

Serves 2

500ml of Full Cream Milk
100ml of Fresh Cream
6-8 Tsp of Hot Chocolate
3Tsp of Milo
4 blocks of Dairy Milk chocolate (chopped in halves)
2 Marshmallows (chopped in halves or 6 mini marshmallows)

Bring Milk and Cream to boiling temperature and take off the heat.
In 2 mugs place the hot chocolate and Milo, fill the mugs half way with the warmed milk and stir until all has dissolved.
Top with the remaining milk and gently stir.
To finish share the marshmallows and chopped Chocolate into the mugs, all to stand for a minute (giving the chocolate and marshmallows a bit of time to start to melt)