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February 21, 2012
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Weekly Updates

10 March 2012

Posted by: Guides

Good morning all.

The last weeks sightings has been great and has infact produced loads of activity from buffalo herds.
One particular herd has been hanging around just south of the lodge, enjoying the last of the green summer grazing.

The coalition of three lion brothers has been located on more than a few occasions. Something quite special is the fact that the pride of lioness’ seem to be in the same area as the boys now, stirring up a bit of hope for the formation of a pride.

There has been a rare sighting of a bronze winged courser on two occasions this week. This particular individual is so relaxed that it was as close to the vehicle as 3 meters away.

One of the large elephant bulls was also seen on a couple of occasions this week. He is currently not in must and is a pleasure to watch as he utterly destroys the trees by pushing them over to get to the fresh leaves at the top.

There has also been loads of tracks and signs of leopard now that the weather has bettered with the cyclone moving off completely. On three occasions the guides have found fresh scent marking and tracks and signs this week.

Have a great week all.

The guiding team