What the Easter Bunny brought Us…

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April 5, 2012
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What the Easter Bunny brought Us…

12 April 2012

Posted by: Guides

Morning everybody…

The Easter bunny brought us many surprises this past week. Many animals are fighting for territory to get their chance with the ladies. The Impala are rutting, the Giraffe are necking and the one Elephant bull is in full musth.
The wild dogs have been seen near our hide area which is one of their favoured spots for hunting. The one female is highly pregnant. She will probably have her pups at the end of the month, so they are looking to find a den sight soon. One evening they came across a spotted eagle owl in a small shrub and were extremely curios jumping up at him to get a better look, a very amazing and rarely seen interaction.

The one Elephant bull has been seen on a day to day basis on all corners of the reserve. He is in full musth, (meaning he is ready to mate: a stage Elephant bulls will go through every year, in which their testosterone levels sky rocket), in search for the females. He has been seen thrashing small ‘trees’ around in his frustration.

Some of the special sights of birds around the reserve have been – hooded vulture, marsh owl, white-faced scops owlet, bronze winged courser, little sparrow hawk, brown snake eagle and a couple of dark-backed weavers.

Have a great week
The Ranger Team