Winter’s Coming

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May 1, 2012
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May 23, 2012

Winter’s Coming

14 May 2012

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Hello Everybody

The past few days have been up and down with the weather fluctuating due to the change of the season. We’ve had some really cold days and a few sweltering hot ones in between, so the animals have been seen exploring new areas getting prepared for winter.

A massive herd of Buffalo (90 strong) were followed on a mission through the thicket to one of the waterholes. Most of them had a drink and some of the youngsters dived straight in for a good mud bath.
A huge Cheetah male was spotted on his back rolling in the dust, urinating on trees and scraping the ground. Cheetahs do this to mask their smell from other predators and to mark territory. By scraping the ground he also scent marks through glands in between his toes (inter-digital glands).
Late one evening on one of the game drives a Large Spotted Genet was seen standing on her hind feet in the middle of the road, on approaching she pounced into a nearby tree and watched as the group left her to feed on insects in peace. Genets are known to be arboreal most of the time- meaning to stay up in trees.
While on an early morning tea break talking about snakes, an enormous female Rock Python (4 meters in length) showed herself slithering vertically up a fig tree and then disappearing into a hole in the trunk.

The birds have been seen fluttering by; most of the migrants have all left to follow the summer and good feeding elsewhere. Some special sights have been of the Brown Snake Eagle, White Crested Helmet-Shrike, Crowned Hornbill, Common Stone-Chat, Eastern Nicator and the Grey-Headed Bush Shrike.

Keep Well All
The Ranger Team